Forever Young

Two years ago, when Panasonic released their GH4 Camera, they asked me to produce the launch video for the release. The camera was the smallest 4K DSLR available and the company wanted to show its agility and handling while producing high quality 4K motion footage. I had the freedom & ability to do anything, and came up with a little ride through the desert to have a little fun called Forever Young. Doing a long form car spot gave us a few technical advantages to show off the camera. It allowed us to do drone aerials, mount the camera to the car, shoot car to car with a gimbal and mount the camera on tracks and sliders to get any shot we needed. The camera also takes Leica Cinema Lenses so if the weight is not an issue (like with the drone), we were shooting with feature film quality lenses during most of the production.

  • Forever Young Sunset.jpg

The challenge here was how to incorporate the attributes of the camera in size and quality with the story being told. As part of the project, I was also tasked with cutting a teaser, and shooting a behind the scenes video to talk about the making of the film. This BTS video became the answer to our issue, why not use the BTS in the final credit roll? That way if someone does not watch the BTS, they still get a sense of how this film was made, with a tiny high quality still camera!

Forever Young Ice Cream.jpg
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In the end, that is precisely what we did. We cut some of the BTS footage into the credits for the 3-minute feature, cut a teaser (which was released 2 weeks before the feature), created an independent BTS film and then I made a 90-second director’s cut. The director’s cut and some of the incredible 4K stills taken from the motion footage are below.