Blake Shelton

Our new world order is pretty interesting to me as a photographer. Because of my large production experience and celebrity experience we were asked to do this campaign for Pizza Hut with Blake Shelton. I started my career as a photojournalist having to think fast and work on my feet so to speak. This came in handy when having a great deal to shoot during the same day as a Broadcast TV Commercial shoot. In this case, Blake shot a spot in the morning, I then had two hours with him at lunch and then Blake had another spot to shoot in the afternoon.

Blake Shelton Pizza Hut Smokehouse BBQ.jpg

That was not the hard part, the hard part was shooting five print ads and two video spots in those two hours. The interesting thing for me was that as the creative meetings progressed, the content completely changed to two print ads and four to five videos depending on the time available. All this was further complicated by the Pizza truck move! PH has a tractor trailer truck to make the Pizza fresh for all of their productions. The truck had to be moved from the morning filming and then be set up. Nothing could shoot without fresh pizza and our two hours were cut shorter because of it. Here I show you one of the two images, and two of the four spots shot for the campaign. We pulled it off in less time than we had because everything was lit, set and prepared and we were ready to go when the talent was ready and of course, when the pizza was ready! Pizza time!

Blake Shelton Pizza Hut.jpg
Don't Need The Bell Pizza Hut.jpg
Blake Shelton's Smokehouse BBQ.jpg
Blake Shelton Pizza Hut.jpg