Men’s Health Campaign

I have worked with Jeff Griffith, then Creative Director for Men’s Health, for many years and have had many award-winning collaborations. So, when Men’s Health was producing a campaign based on a series of environmental portraits for Procter and Gamble, he thought it was right up my alley! We had to describe 3 different “characters” that they were writing about as lovers of Procter and Gamble products: The Gallerist, The Stunt Man, The Kick Boxing Champion.

Jason van Oijen.jpg
Jason van Oijen Running.jpg
Andre Da Silva Portrait.jpg
Tripoli Patterson.jpg

All of our characters were real people and these were their real jobs, but no one was attached to an environment that we could use so telling their “story” in advertising was left completely up to us! For the two-day shoot, we dressed a gallery in Chelsea and made the gallerist himself a piece of art, had the Boxer “fly” during his training, and suspended the stunt man high over Manhattan. We also had to shoot our handsome athlete in a bathroom so that product photography could be dropped in. His portrait became the cover of the section in print. The behind the scenes gives you a clue as to the production and how we achieved the shots.