A Personal Photo Essay


My favorite place to get a bath, the kitchen sink. My mother gave me the fashion sense I have today, thank you mom.

Ten Surprising Things You May Not Know About Michael

  1. I’m a foodie and I’m Italian, so dining, cooking, and all things delicious are in my DNA. I’d stand on my stool, side-by-side with my grandmother, watching her cook from a very young age. She taught me the tradition.
  2. Favorite way to hang out? Spending time with my three fabulous children.
  3. Traffic in LA - I forget about it when I’m scooting along on my Vintage Vespa, exploring the diverse communities and subcultures that make up the amazing city of Los Angeles.
  4. My Go-to sushi spot? Hamakazi in Culver City, CA. it’s a hole-in-the-wall spot where my friend and sushi master, Nick whips up sushi as creative as you’d like it. The best ever!
  5. My 21-year-old son, Dakota coded the eBook for “Lighting and Dramatic Portrait,” between mastering some of his favorite and most challenging video games.
  6. My daughter Sophia and I love to cook together for the family. I’m passing down the traditions I learned from my grandmother.
  7. If I could live anywhere else on this awesome planet, I’d build my dream home in Venice, near Abbot Kinney, and keep places in NY and Paris. I'd work from all three.
  8. I’m more mod than rocker.
  9. For me, creating dramatic photographs is about being in touch with my emotional intuition; with that in place, it’s still technique that gets me there.
  10. I've been a photographer since I was a kid, and I am still a big kid at heart!

Covering Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in a play together in Boston as a young "cub" photographer.


One of my favorite days, getting to listen to icon, David Crosby, play during a photoshoot!

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A Few Words From Michael...

The life moments I treasure most are those spent with family, friends and fellow photographers. I celebrate the passions that burn within each of us, and I love collaborating with creative savants. I am passionate about all things “art,” especially fine art and the art of photography.

Having been dubbed "A Master of Light” by my peers, I admit to a fascination with light and its effect in the photographs I take. I’ve studying and played with light for decades, and it continues to captivate me. I find magic in its qualities. I love "molding" light to create a shot that immortalizes a specific moment and induces an emotion. A reaction.

Though my work as a professional photographer has won its share of awards, it's not the accolades I'm after. It's the impact – on a society, on a community, on a career, on a person. I love the field of professional photography. I love the way we see things, what we capture and the impact a photograph can have on culture, to a generation, to a point of time in history.

I have no reason to hoard trade secrets. I love sharing knowledge and positive energy. I enjoy fostering the pursuit of creative excellence in fellow photographers. I love the commercial photography industry.

As a Hasselblad Master, I speak at various conferences around the world, sharing my insights, conceptual visions, and directorial methods. It’s an honor to travel internationally to teach seminars or facilitate workshops designed to inspire photographers. My aim is to challenge their study, give them something new to ponder and inspire them to push their abilities and their creativity to new levels.

To further serve the creative community, I've published several books to share what I've learned along the way, focusing on my signature lighting techniques and the conceptual approach I bring to my work.

I go out every day with the intention of breaking visual rules and creating evocative, cinematic images that inspire. Let’s connect for a light-bending, photo adventure together!

Michael Grecco